How to regain control over your life

When our circumstances in life change, we tend sometimes to feel a bit lost. Although we still manage to continue with our daily routine, time kind of passes by and we don’t even know how. Have you ever felt that way? Well, I was just feeling like that for the last few weeks. This is why I would like to share what has helped me to regain control over my life.


Sometimes, I tend to loose my focus when I need to adapt to a new situation or whenever the current situation seems endless. My focus is what keeps me running, what helps me being positive. Knowing that there is a goal helps me staying motivated and to continue giving my best. So losing my focus makes me feel a little lost. What helps me is to ask myself fundamental questions (What is going to be the result of what I’m doing? What attitude should I have while I do it? How will this contribute to my future and to what is important to me?), checking different options whenever I’m in front of a decision and re-assuring myself where I really want to go to. Regaining the focus in my life has been a big help.

Be persistent

Being persistent is definitely not one of my strengths. Whenever there is something that requests some extra effort, I prefer to refuse to try it in order to not be disappointed of myself or in order not to disappoint anyone else. But being persistent is so important if you want to get somewhere. This made me think about below famous lines. If you want a door to be opened, you will have to knock on it. Maybe once is not enough, you have to knock until it opens. Being persistent is important to reach any goal. How amazing is the feeling when you reach that goal and can look back on what you have mastered? This will make you even stronger and better prepared for your next challenge.

Hopefully, this little thought may also help some of you. So go out there, and reach your goals being persistent and having a focus. Have a great day!!

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2 thoughts on “How to regain control over your life

  1. nessa201190 says:

    Very true advice! I know exactly what your’e talking about girl! :-} Having a goal in mind makes life so much more interesting and one-self happy at the end of the day! Love your post! :-*

    Liked by 1 person

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