3 hacks to feel more confident

In this superficial world, it’s sometimes hard to not compare ourselves to others. Society clearly shows us an image of what is beautiful, which I think influences us all to a certain point. This is why I would like to share a few tips that have helped me to feel confident in my skin.

1) Don’t compare yourself to anybody else

I think it’s not healthy to look at someone and say: Why do I not have that much success or why do I not look like that. Everybody has different circumstances and we never know where the other people are coming from. Sometimes, what we see is not what really is– but what this person wants us to see.

In my opinion, it’s healthy to observe what others have achieved and set this as a personal goal. This can serve as a motivation. It is also helpful to compare ourselves to how we were years/months ago. Seeing our process motivates us to continue giving our best.

2) Have a healthy lifestyle

OK I guess we all love some big slices of fresh cheese pizza. But the full feeling afterwards… I have to admit, I feel much better when I eat clean. Not only do I feel good knowing that I ate my fruits and veggies, but the vitamin really gives me energy and makes me feel better.

A good diet does definitely help to feel better, but also: Sports, Wellness and enough sleep.

3) Do whatever is needed to feel sexy

This one is very individual. In my case, I love having my nails done (hand & toes), having my body hair “on fleek” and wearing a well combined outfit. For men, I guess a new haircut, a nice outfit and a nice skin help to feel better and feel confident.

What helps you to feel confident? Please let me know in the comments below. Thanks a lot for reading and sharing!


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