How I learned to admit my mistakes

I guess I grew up being a confident but also a proud person (talking about an unhealthy pride). I remember that my father never admitted his mistakes and this is something I copied, as I thought it wouldn’t be necessary. With the time, I learned that I had to admit my mistakes.

1. Nobody’s perfect: I learned to see my mistakes and not focusing on the mistake of others

I noticed that I would feel frustrated by the behavior of other people and feeling discouraged. But honestly, I know that I’m not perfect and I also may act in a way or say something that may offend or hurt other people. Even if this isn’t my intention, there are always misunderstandings. So recognizing that I’m not perfect helped me to understand that other people aren’t perfect, either, and therefore make mistakes. This thought has also helped me to understand others better and forgive them.

2. I learned to admit my mistakes to myself

“Nobody’s perfect: and my name is nobody”: This wouldn’t work anymore. Admitting my mistakes to myself was easier when I understood step 1. I learned that mistakes may happen, even if I give my best to avoid them.

Instead of accusing myself, I would focus on a solution in order to fix my mistake. What do I need to do? To whom do I need to explain the situation and say sorry to? How can I avoid such mistakes in future?

3. I learned to say sorry

Saying sorry is really a good antidote for pride, as it humbles you to a healthy level of how you see yourself. At the beginning, this may seem difficult. Maybe because our society sees saying sorry as a weakness, but in reality this shows a lot of strength. It shows that I am responsible for what happened and I am willing to fix it and bear the consequences.

Learning everything mentioned above has helped me in so many ways. I hope it will also help you. Please leave me a comment below and let me know if you had to so something similar. Thanks a lot for reading. Much love!!




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