Stick to your resolution

Do you already have a resolution for this year? Are you currently working on your resolution? Here we will analyze together why resolutions are important and how we can reach our goals step-by-step.


Why are resolutions important?

The main purpose of a resolution in general is to improve our habits in order to achieve the lifestyle we would like to have. That sounds amazing! But unfortunately, some make unrealistic resolutions or don’t work towards them and get disappointed and discouraged. Hopefully, this post helps you to define and stick to your resolutions and improve your life.

What resolution can I choose?

Of course, this is very individual and personal. In general, think about a realistic goal and how you could achieve it. You could choose something like:

  • Do more sports
  • Eat healthier
  • Spend more time with the family
  • Meet more regularly with extended family & friends
  • Improve my personality
  • Quit annoying habits

These are just a few general suggestions. Try to be specific when defining your resolution, such as: I would like to eat 5 fruits/vegetables a day, I would like to meet my family at least twice a month, I would like to control my emotions better, etc.

How can I get there?

Ask yourself:

  • What steps do I need to do in order to get there?
  • When would I like to get there? Or is it a long-term goal I would like to make a habit?
  • What bad habits would I need to remove from my routine?
  • What good habits would I like to implement into my lifestyle?

In case you would like to do more sports, you could ask yourself more specifically: What sport do I enjoy doing? (Try them and observe what makes you happy!) Where and when is the best time to do sports for me? (At home in the morning or evening, or during lunch break at the gym?) How can I implement this into my lifestyle? (Take the time you need and use your time consciously)

How do I stay motivated?

What helps a racer to persevere and arrive to the end? Focus on your goals, not on the efforts or throwbacks. Take one step at a time and focus on what you have already achieved. Get support from a friend or partner for your journey. Get inspiration and motivation. Review your progress, look back and analyze what you would like to improve and what you would like to maintain.

Stick to it!

So many people could improve their lifestyle, and you can too! Hopefully, these suggestions help. Lots of love and success to you!!



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